There is only one road going into Black Hills Harley Davidson, and it happens to go right past our vendor park!  We get tons of traffic, every rally.  An amenity that we have over Black Hills Harley is that we are MUCH more affordable, it is much more conducive to selling to customers due to the one on one with the vendors. We do NOT have permit fees, vendor fees, etc. that Sturgis has.  We customize our space according to each vendor’s needs, and work one on one with our vendors to maximize their exposure and profits.

Within walking distance of Black Hills Harley-Davidson, our site provides vendors with a unique opportunity to gain sales from both Harley-Davidson customers and riders passing by on their way to Sturgis.

Black Hills Vendor Park provides multiple amenities to make your stay as a vendor stress-free and exciting. From a fenced in area and fully illuminated spaces to 24 hour security, our vendor park offers everything you may need while entertaining visitors and customers of the motorcycle rally.

It should be noted that we have been operating the Black Hills Vendor Park for over 15 years, since 2003.